5 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services in 2023

There is no denying the fact that we are excessively dependent on our smartphones today. We need smartphones to transfer money online, call a long-distance friend, or book a ride.

We need to know the identity of the person calling to ensure no fraud or scheme is in play. That is where a reverse phone lookup service comes in. A reverse phone lookup service looks into the comprehensive database of consumer information and generates valuable insights on who is calling you.

Top 5 Best Ways to Find Out Who’s Behind the Unknown Call

  1. WhoseNumber – Overall best reverse phone lookup tool
  2. USPhoneLookup – secures privacy and safety.
  3. WhoCallMe – Known for their fast services
  4. CellRevealer – They have a reliable database.
  5. Intelius – Exhaustive public information

WhoseNumber – Overall Best Reverse Phone Lookup Tool

whosenumber phone lookup

WhoseNumber is one of the most reliable and secures reverse phone lookup platforms. They help in avoiding telemarketers, credit card scammers, stalkers, etc. When people are in a meeting or on a flight, they often miss many calls; most of them come from unknown

numbers, which could mean many things. It could come from a new client, an emergency, or a scam call.

Here is where WhoseNumber comes in. It lets you check out the unknown number and discover who it is. This gives the user a sense of safety that the number is of a genuine person.

One of the best features of WhoseNumber is its area code feature. For the novices, an area code also plays a role in finding out who called you from an unknown number and searching a number through the area code is where WhoseNumber’s specialization lies. This feature helps users to see all the suspicious numbers in each area and displays what users have said about each number.


  • The user’s information is encrypted.
  • Reliable and extensive database of phone numbers
  • The web page is easy to navigate and user friendly
  • Free services
  • Search is anonymous and safe


  • The webpage may be slow when excessive traffic

USPhoneLookup – Secures Privacy and Safety


USPhoneLookup is well known because it provides a quick and convenient way to look up information about an unknown caller. One of the premium advantages of this site is that It can show the phone user’s current and past addresses if any information is available in the public domain.

The website is designed to provide hassle-free details with a simple search box. The web page is entirely free to use and safe. One must search for an unknown number before making any calls and ensure the identity for safety purposes.


  • No membership or subscription required
  • Provide up-to-date and reliable information based on public records.
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Details of unregistered numbers cannot be generated
  • Internet Connection is compulsory

WhoCallMe – Known for Their Fast Services


WhoCallMe is one of the best platforms to trace who is behind an unknown call. Gone are the days when people mug up or look thoroughly through phone directories to get the correct number. Today, everyone can access the right platform to give you details behind a faceless call.

One of the best features of WhoCallme is that it provides more than one way of tracing an unknown number. They never misuse the private details of their users and are known for their fast processing time, through which you will get your report within minutes. WhoCallMe has an easy-to-use and friendly web page, so all the user needs to do is enter the unknown number and wait for the site to generate a reliable data report.


  • Extensive database
  • Reliable and accurate information
  • Respects privacy
  • It provides more than one way to search for an unknown number
  • Fast processing services


  • The webpage often hangs
  • Customer service can be improved

CellRevealer – They Have a Reliable Database


As the name suggests, CellRevealer helps in giving details about unknown numbers. They are entirely free and 24/7 at the disposal of the user. One of the platform’s best features is that the user’s identity is anonymous, and the caller won’t be notified that the user searched for their number. It is important to note that if any cal is being made from a burner phone, their details might not turn up, as the database doesn’t record such cell numbers.


  • 100% free services.
  • Comprehensive Database
  • Always upgraded with information
  • The lookup is anonymous


  • Mandatory internet connection
  • The report doesn’t load quickly

Intelius – Exhaustive Public Information


Intelius is known for providing reliable information behind an unknown caller. It also helps in property searches, background checks, etc. Although It may not have more detailed or personal information, such as their employment history or criminal record, the data generated is authentic.

Its app allows users to perform people searches, reverse phone lookups, and background check services directly from their mobile devices. The application is compatible with IOS and Android and is convenient for everyone.

Intelius also provides access to background checks, contact information, addresses, criminal records, phone numbers, social media, photos, assets, and more. All searches are private and completely confidential.


  • The database is always up-to-date.
  • They have more than ten years of experience
  • The site is free and easy to use
  • The number can be searched from a mobile device
  • The mobile application is compatible with iOS and Android
  • Searches are anonymous


  • Customer service can be improved.
  • Loading of webpage takes time


The services provided by multiple platforms assist users in identifying the owner behind the call and allow them to choose whether to call back or report the number as spam or fraud.

With its comprehensive database, friendly web page, and reliable data, WhoseNumber is the best bet for reverse phone lookup services.

Reverse phone lookup services are more than just identifying the number. Still, they accumulate all the data associated with the number available in the public domain and generate an extensive and valuable report for their users. If you’re also looking for an unknown number, don’t waste more time and check out WhoseNumber.

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