GyFTR Helped Us To Choose Best Gift for Our Childhood Friend’s Wedding

After my friend’s engagement was confirmed, the very first thing we did was go out and party hard at our favorite club. Needless to say that the occasion demanded so! We had to make his wedding really special. There had to be no compromises from the wedding venue to the gifts.

To be honest, we were not sure what would be an appropriate gift, but this was an opportunity to celebrate our decade-long bond of friendship. Obviously, there were a lot of options, but there was less clarity on what we should gift the couple.

The date for the wedding was coming closer, so we had to hurry up. A lot of shopping needed to be done for them and for ourselves too, including the wedding holiday cards that went with the gift.

As we had to start from somewhere, I, along with two college friends started looking for offers on the internet. We came across a few websites like GyFTR, HDFC SmartBuy Instant Vouchers, and Payback’s Voucher World, where a user could go and buy Gift Vouchers at good discounts from top brands across multiple categories from Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Health & Wellness, Magazine Subscriptions, Grocery to Home Needs.

So, we thought of bookmarking these websites. The concept of Gift Vouchers was a bit new to us, and all of us really liked it.

The best part about Gift Vouchers is that you can gift them instantly. There is no hassle whatsoever. After much thinking and discussion, we came to the conclusion that we would gift Rohit, our soon-to-be-married friend, a couple of things.

First would be a fairly huge idol of Lord Ganesha. Secondly, we decided to gift him gold. As far as gold was concerned, we instantly locked in on the idea of buying a Kalyan Diamond Jewellery Gift Card and decided to go ahead with this.

Other gift ideas are a 4moms gift card for a baby swing for expecting mothers, a Cariuma gift card for women’s lifestyle sneakers, a Fahlo gift card for a dolphin tracking bracelet for animal lovers, or a card from Tertulia for the best romance books.

GyFTR – An E-Gifting and E-Shopping Brand

So, we finalized GyFTR, an e-gifting and e-shopping brand where customers can get up to 70% off on Gift Vouchers for more than 200+ brands right from GIVA, Fab India, Corseca, MakeMyTrip and many others.


Shopping from GyFTR comes with other perks as well, like shopping from GyFTR, you get up to 2% cashback in the form of Reward points (E-Pay) which is redeemable in the next purchase.

You can shop for Gift Vouchers for your loved ones too. All you need to do is go to any specific brand page. Over there, right under the denominations section, you will see the “I am Gyfting” option. Click on it, enter the respective person’s details and instantly send the voucher with a sweet message. Shopping from GyFTR is that flexible and easy.

After our collective discussion, we decided to gift them Kalyan Jewellery Gift Cards and bought ten denominations of Rs. 5,000. As a result, we got 5% off on our purchase and, in total, saved INR 2500.

With this, we were sorted for the wedding gift. Our shopping experience with GyFTR was relatively smooth and seamless. To know what kind of discounts are trending on GyFTR, I have followed all its social media platforms to keep an eye on the latest discounts and deals.

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