Tips for surviving alongside Ark: Survival Evolved’s Primeval Wildlife

Do adventure games fascinate you? Have you imagined yourself stranded in a land full of dinosaurs and other monstrous animals of the primitive world? You are waging a tough battle for survival, and finally, you do. Well, it’s time to put your fantasies into action by playing the Ark: Survival Evolved that best suits your thoughts.

This is one of the most exciting action-adventure video games whose development started in 2014. The game was released on PC in 2015. However, it reached a wide number of people not before 2017, when it was released for several gaming consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Game of Ark: Survival Evolved – In a Nutshell

This action-adventure game has an open-world environment as its setup. The Ark is 48 km2, with 36  km2 of land and  12 km2 of ocean. In the game’s initial versions, all inhabitants of Ark were dinosaurs and other animals of the prehistoric world. However, with time several mythical creatures like the golem, phoenix, and griffin entered the world of Ark.

The main trick of the game lies in taming creatures so that the players may survive for a long time. Though most creatures are tamable, some, like the Titanomyrma and Meganeura, are challenging to tame. First, some violent creatures must be knocked down by tranq darts and clubs.

The next step is to feed the animals berries or raw meat. The choice of food depends on their herbivorous or carnivorous nature. Kibble, a food crafted by using another creature’s eggs, is one of the fastest ways to tame an animal.

Once tamed, the creature would follow the player’s commands to the tee. Players can construct structures for which they need components like floors and doors. They can earn resources for making these structures as they progress in the game and elevate to levels.

The better the structures, the more protected the player would be. They can begin making thatch structures and proceed to wood, metal, and stone.

7 Important Tips to Survive through Ark

The survival of the fittest – a phrase that originated from Darwin’s theory of evolution. It holds importance even in the present. The game of Ark requires you to follow this motto to survive for long. Here are some tips to help you be in the world of Ark for a long time:

7 important tips to survive through ark

1.   Don’t target big animals in the beginning

Don’t set big goals in the beginning. Meat is one of the best meals in Ark, replenishing your food and health points to 8 and 20, respectively. However, getting a dinosaur’s meat is challenging as they (the carnivorous ones) are the most difficult to tame.

Getting behind a dinosaur would be challenging if you are a beginner with limited weapons like a pickaxe. Instead, you could opt for a dodo that needs a club and some berries to get tamed.

Easy to tame creatures: Dodo, Dilophosaurus, Stegosaurus

Hard to tame creatures: Phiomia, Utahraptor, Therizinosaurus

2.   Learn how to create tame groups

Though many people don’t give importance to organizing tame groups, doping the same would make your task much more systematic. Organizing creatures into teams would help them perform different activities effectively.

For example, the group may have tamed raptors or packs of wolves; each assigned a particular task.

3.   Knock down the animals before taming them

Making the beast unconscious before taming them is a mandate. You could knock them down with your fist or use weapons like clubs. However, use a weapon than your fist as that would prolong the down-knocking process. Whatever weapon you use, make sure you don’t hit hard lest it could kill the animal.

Moreover, when attacking with a sharp weapon, ensure the blow isn’t severe enough. This could lead to a lot of blood loss and may be fatal for the creature you are trying to tame.

4.   Repair your tools than recrafting them

If your tools break when you are in the middle of an action, the quickest option is to repair rather than recraft them. This would not just save you time but also help preserve your resources.

5.   Tame the beast as per your utility

Some dinosaurs are hard to tame. So, if taming a dinosaur is your top priority, choose the ones that help you in your chores like farming and transportation.

For example, Doedicurus and Therizinosaurus are known for their strong farming abilities.

6.   Avoid the water as much as possible if you are a beginner

The water is full of threats like sharks and crocodiles. If you are new to the world of the Ark, try keeping away from the water as much as possible.

7.   Have patience and take your time

Like all other survival games, the Ark is time-consuming as well. So, if you’ve devoted an hour to playing that game, and if you think that within that time, you will manage to tame a dinosaur, you’d be mistaken. Spending quality time in the game would surely fetch good rewards.


If you are new to the game, you could go solo in the single-player mode. However, what’s an adventure game without friends? Once you know the in-and-out of Ark survival, jump into the multiplayer mode and play in a tribe.

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