Wordle vs Sedecordle: How to Play these Word Games?

Wordle is an online puzzle game that is solved by using vocabulary. It is popular in all age groups. Six tries are available to solve Wordle hidden word, and it can be played in different categories. You can solve two, four, and eight words at once.

  • Solving Two wordles at once is called Dordle
  • Solving Four wordles at once is called Quordle
  • Solving Eight wordles at once is called Octordle.

The word length of the puzzle wordle game varies from 4 to 11 hidden letters.

Interface of wordle word game
Picture showing Interface of Wordle Game

How to play the Wordle Game?

The Wordle is very easy to play. You have to find out the hidden letters to guess a word in multiple tries up to 6 times.

Your attempts start when even a single letter of the hidden word is matched or guessed correctly.

On the first try, type five letters word in the box to guess the puzzle and press enter.

If the first letter becomes Green, it means you guess correctly, and the hidden word starts with that letter.

But if the hidden word does not start with that letter you entered, it remains Grey.

In another possibility, if the entered letters become Yellow, you can understand that that letter(s) is also part of the hidden word but entered at the wrong place.

Shuffle the letters in the next try to guess the exact word.

You can understand Wordle rule with the given example:


Solve the Wordle by entering five letters word using 6-attempts.

First attempt

First attempt
Enter five different letters in 1st attempt

On the first try, enter five letters to guess the hidden word. The first and third letter S and A, respectively, is correctly guessed, that’s why they become green.

The fifth letter, P, becomes Yellow, meaning the letter is also part of the hidden word but is typed incorrectly.

The letters H and R, placed at second and fourth positions, are Grey indicating that these are not part of the Wordle.

In the next attempt, shuffle the Yellow letter to find its place and change the Grey letters to guess the right word.

Second attempt

Second attempt
In 2nd attempt, enter and shuffle the letters.

In this attempt, the letter P is again in the wrong place, whereas the letter L and S are not part of the Wordle.

Try again (up to six times) until you succeed.

Third attempt

Third attempt
Letters become green showing that you have solved the wordle

In this attempt, you have correctly guessed the puzzle and won the competition. Now all letters become Green.

In the statistics tab, you can also see the statistics of your game played and win ratio and also share the statistics with your friends on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Reddit.

By using the setting tab, you can change the word length of Wordle from four letters to 11 letters. You can also change its difficulty level, Dark & night mode, color blind mode, letter hints etc., according to your requirement. 

Today’s Wordle hints:

Here are some hints for today’s wordle:

Today’s Wordle contains vowel in second place.

Today’s Wordle Ends with a vowel.

Today’s Wordle is the name of a popular Operating System.

Today’s Wordle answer:

Wordle today
Image showing the interface of solved Wordle Game

The Answer is VISTA.

Like wordle, many other web-based puzzle games with different names are available on the internet, which are also popular with users. Sedecordle is one of the similar online wordle games discussed below.


Sedecordle Wordle game is an alternative to the popular game Wordle, and it is a daily puzzle game to guess the hidden word. The phenomenon of sedecordle is the same as Wordle but in sedecordle you can solve multiple wordle at once, making it difficult to play compared to Wordle.

The main thing that makes it different from Wordle is that you have to find a single hidden word of five letters having 6-attempts in Wordle, but in Sedecordle, you have to guess 16 secret five letters simultaneously having 21-attempts. That is a challenging task. All other things are the same between both the games.

An Interface of Sedecordle Game
Picture Showing Interface of Sedecordle Game

Difference between Wordle and Sedecordle Word Game

Here is the comparison of Wordle and Sedecordle game which provides you a better understanding of the difference between both games:

Difficulty LevelEasyHard
Secret Word(s)One 5-letters wordSixteen 5-letters words
No. of Attempts621
Highlighted ColoursGreen, Yellow, and GreyGreen, Yellow, and Grey
Comparison between Wordle and Sedecordle Puzzle Game

Many other puzzle games have been developed, such as Cloudle, Movidle, Squaredle, etc. To play these games, you must have strong knowledge of meteorology, movies, and vocabulary. These games are prevalent in all genres. Some play these games for entertainment, and some for brainstorming.

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