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YouTube Converter: Conversion tool for Multimedia files

YouTube is a very popular multimedia platform where you can watch millions of videos free of cost. On this platform, you can create or upload your videos, even you can share, like, or comment on any video.

It is an American online video-sharing website and was founded in 2005. We can also watch live streaming videos there.

Different types of videos are available on YouTube like entertainment, comedy, music, movies, sports, kids, etc. People want to download their favorite videos from YouTube. They want to download it in their desired format. Some are interested to save it in an audio format such as mp3, mp2, WMA, etc., but some desire to download it in video format such as mp4, WMV, MPEG, MKV, etc.

Types of Conversion Tools

Many YouTube videos conversion tools are available on the internet which provides the facility to convert the required media file into the desired format. These are divided into two categories:

1.      Online YouTube Converter

2.      Offline or Desktop video Converter software

The purpose of the above tools is the same but functionalities are different.

1.     Online Youtube Converter

A lot of online youtube converters are available which provides easy-to-use, free service to convert and download YouTube videos in different audio and video quality formats.

An online youtube to mp3, mp4, avi, flv, mkv converter

No matter which operating system or browser you are using, it provides support to all popular browsers such as google chrome, safari, firefox, Opera, etc. whether you are using mobile, laptop, or tablet.

How to use an online youtube converter:

In this type of conversion, you do not need to download the media file into your computer before conversion. Just follow the given steps to convert the required file:

Step 1: Open Youtube, search your desired video and copy the URL of that video.

Step 2: Paste the URL in the URL bar which is provided in the online youtube converter application interface.

Step 3: The tool fetches the information of that URL and asks you which quality format you want to convert.

Step 4: Select the desired format that you need and click on the convertor start button.

Step 5: Your required result will appear within no time. After the successful conversion, just click on the download to save the video to your device. After downloading, you can play or watch it at any time.

The best examples of youtube converter/downloaders are given below:

Features of online youtube converter

The features of an online youtube converter and youtube downloader are similar to each other. Both provide the same functionality to the user. The characteristics are:

i.            Free converter

Mostly, these converters are free and open-source tools available for internet users. 

ii.            Easy to use

The interface of these converters or downloaders is very user-friendly.  Its simple and easy-to-understand platform attracts users to use these tools instead of downloading other desktop tools.  

iii.            High-speed conversion

Every user desire to surf the web fastly. To get the result instantly is the need of every person. Keeping in view the demand of internet users and to save time, these converters provide a high-speed conversion facility as compared to other desktop applications.

iv.            Unlimited

People’s desires never end. They are always looking for more. As there is no limit to people’s desires similarly these tools also provide unlimited conversion and download facilities to their esteemed users. This feature increases the tendency to use the functions of online converters and you can convert so many files as you can.

v.            Multiple formats

These converters provide so many audio and video quality formats. People can get their specific quality formats by using these tools according to their needs.

The popular audio quality formats are mp3, WMA, WAV, mp2, AMR, AAC, FLAC, PCM, etc.

The popular video quality formats are mp4, FLV, SWF, MKV, WMV, AVI, MOV, WebM, etc.

vi.            Compatibility

Millions of people are using the internet, some of them on laptops, some on mobiles, and some on tablets. And different types of operating systems can be installed on these electronic devices such as Windows OS, Android, or IOS. To avoid the users from inconveniences, these tools are designed or developed for all kinds of platforms and compatible will all operating systems and browsers.

vii.            No installation required

Another interesting feature of these converters is that these tools use cloud storage to convert the media files. As compared to desktop or offline converters, we do not need to install them on our devices. The device storage will be used only when we download our desired converted file.

2.     Desktop Video Converter Software

These converters are slightly different from the online youtube converters which we have been discussed above. The functionality of these tools may be similar to the above one but the features might be different.

A Software to convert and download youtube videos

These softwares can be freeware or shareware. Freewares are free and open-source softwares without having any limitations. Whereas sharewares are commercial softwares with limited features and have to be purchased to use its full features.

How to use desktop converter software

Numerous desktop converters are available to convert any type of youtube media files into the desired format. Let’s discuss its use:

Step 1: Download the youtube converter software into your device and install it.

Step 2:  Open the application interface.

Step 3: Select that media file that you want to convert, or paste the URL of that file by copying it from youtube.

Step 4: Select the conversion format available on the interface and press convert.

Step 5: The conversion will take a minute or less and then it will automatically save on your device.

Some examples of different types of converters/downloaders are given below:

Features of desktop youtube converter

The features of a shareware desktop converter are similar to an online converter but in a freeware converter, it has limited to some extent. However, an extra feature is available in this converter that is a built-in media player which is embedded in it.

Many desktop application provides resume feature which cannot be seen in online converters.

Specific Youtube converter

Following are the popular conversion formats that are used specifically for a single type of conversion and are supported by almost all devices whether they are desktop computers or handheld devices:

  • Youtube to mp3
  • Youtube to WAV
  • Youtube to mp4
  • Youtube to FLV
  • Youtube to MKV
  • Youtube to AVI
  • Youtube to WMV

Comparison between youtube converters

The distinct features of both converters are described below to make a comparison between them:

PropertiesOnline Youtube ConverterYoutube Converter Software
VersionOnline toolDesktop application
AvailabilityFreewareFreeware and shareware
CompatibilityCompatible will all operating systemsNot compatible with all operating systems
InterfaceUser-friendly, easy to understandSlightly complex, need time to understand its functions
SpeedHigh SpeedLow speed as compared to online converter
StorageUse cloud storage during conversionUse device storage
Conversion formatsMultipleMultiple
LimitationNo limitation – unlimited conversion and downloadsLimited in preview versions
Stop/Resume featureNoYes, some popular desktop converters have the facility to stop the conversion and can be resumed at any time.
Difference between online and desktop youtube converters

It is summarized that the online youtube converters are considerably better than desktop application softwares in terms of cost, speed, and other above-mentioned multiple factors.

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