How is it possible to convert image into text?

Nothing is impossible in this technology era. Different tools, techniques, and converters are available on the web, which can be used to perform the desired operation.

When you have an essential document in the form of an image, but on some occasions, you have to update that information which is available in the form of JPEG, BIN, PNG, or any other image format, then you need not worry about that. Yes, many online and offline tools are available that can easily convert your useful information from image into editable text.

Let’s elaborate further.

4 Useful Image to Text Converter Tools:

Following are some popular image-to-text converters that are available as an online tool:

The interface of OCR to edit tool for image to text conversion
The interface of IMG 2 GO tool for extracting text from images
The picture showing user interface of Online Coverter “Image to Text”
The interface of Image to Text conversion tool is depicting in this picture

Different types of converters are available, which can not only provide the facility of extracting the text from images but also provide other features such as:

  • Extract text from PDF documents,
  • Text to Image conversion,
  • Text to PDF conversion
  • PDF to Word
  • PDF to JPG
  • Image to PDF

How can you extract valid text from an image?

As already discussed, we can get the text from the desired image using online conversion tools (some are listed above). The use of these tools is almost the same, and the steps to perform the operation are:

Step 1

Browse the webpage of one of the online conversion tool.

Step 2

Upload the image file you want to convert into text, whether it is in JPEG, BIN, GIF, PNG, or any other image format. The online tools support all photo formats.

Some tools provide the facility to drag & drop the image file, and some have the feature to insert the URL of your image for converting it into text.

Step 3

Select the output format of your text file, e.g., Microsoft Word (docx), Plain text (txt), RTF etc.

Step 4

Press the start or convert button, and your conversion will begin.

That’s it. When your file is ready, you can download it to your computer.

The online image-to-text conversion tools can extract text from captured images, scanned pages, screenshots, or any other photo.

Here, you may have a question in your mind; which technique is used by conversion tools to extract image into text?

The answer is OCR technique.

Almost all the above conversion tools use the OCR technique to extract the text from images. OCR means Optical Caracter Recognition. It is an electromechanical conversion technique used to convert all types of images of typed or printed text into machine readable form to be used for editing.

Benefits of Using Image to Text Converters:

These converters undoubtedly prove beneficial for all types of users such as students, teachers, researchers, business persons, authors, writers, etc.

Sometimes you may have lost the editable copy of your important text document and only have the scanned, printed copy, or image of that file. In case, if you need to update the data of that document to be used for many other purposes, you could not do that.

Then, you must find a proper way to convert the available image file into editable text format. At this stage, the online image-to-text converter tools will be helpful.

The benefits of using these tools are:


By using the online image-to-text converter tools, you can save the precious time you spend typing large documents. If these tools are not available, then at least you have to type all the text of your scanned document to update the information, which is time-consuming and hectic.

Free of Cost

This is considered an important benefit of the image-to-text converter tool in case of investment. Primarily such tools are available free of cost, and the users don’t have to pay even a single penny to use the basic version of these tools.

Easy to Use

Another advantage of these online tools is that they are very simple, user-friendly, and easy to use. No proper training is required to use these tools, and every person on the internet can easily become familiar with these tools platforms.

Efficient Processing

Image-to-text converters provide efficiency in performing the task and the result within no time.

Considering the advantages of image-to-text converters, it is summarized that these tools not only save time but also lessen the involvement of more human resources, ultimately optimizing the cost of the business or users.

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