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What is Pikdo, its features and alternatives?

Social media has always been very popular on the internet. As time went on, so did the technology. To get users’ interest in social media, the developers went along with it with the development of different social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Pikdo, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Pikdo is interlinked with Instagram. Many Instagram Viewers use PIKDO to view Instagram posts including photos, videos, messages, and other activities. Let us talk about Instagram before understanding Pikdo.

Instagram is a social media app where people on the internet can share their photos, videos, messages, locations with their loved ones by using filters, hashtags, geo-tagging features.

The users of this application can make their posts publically or can organize them to the limited followers.

Basically, the purpose of Instagram is to share or express your views globally by connecting it with many other peoples to build community and to make the world closer together.

A user is logging in to Instagram on mobile to view pictures, videos, and other activities.

What is Pikdo? What does it do?

Pikdo is an application to view the photos and videos posted by your family & friends on Instagram. It also makes it possible to view the updated status, followers, and online viewers on Instagram. It is also known as an online Instagram viewer.

With its simple and user-friendly interface, Pikdo brings you all the essential features of the popular social media app on the go.

Top 5 Features of Pikdo

It has several features with its unique functionality but the most interesting features are listed below:

1.      No registration required

When you are using Pikdo, it is not necessary to have an account on Instagram, you can simply install Pikdo and explore the Instagram profiles, Instagram posts, photos, videos, tags, and much more.

2.      Free Application

It is a free-to-use social media application for viewing Instagram posts.

3.      Attractive Interface

The interface of Pikdo is very attractive and user-friendly. We can browse the pictures and see the caption while pointing the cursor over any image. 

4.      Easy to Share Information

Sharing pictures, posts over other social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest is very easy. Just with a single click, you can share the desired activity or post with your family, friends, and other people.

5.      Filtered Results

Pikdo has also the feature of filtering search results to get the desired information from millions of Instagram posts.

What are the Alternatives of Pikdo?

Keeping in view the interest of users towards social media, developers are struggling towards the development of many other attractive social media applications to rank on the internet.

So Many alternative applications are available which are competing Pikdo by providing easy-to-use features such as Deskgram, Mystalk, Picuki, Yooying, Gramhir, Pictame, Pictosee, Gramho, Jolygram, Piknu, Thepicta, etc.

6 Best Alternatives of Pikdo

1.      Deskgram

It is a social media platform for sharing photos, videos, and stories on Instagram by tagging people and locations. The cropping and editing tools are also available in this app. It is available for Windows operating systems and Mac OS.

A web view of Deskgram Instagram Posts Viewer.

2.      Mystalk

It is also an Instagram posts viewer with a different user interface. Same like other Instagram posts viewers, the users can view posts, photos, videos, stories on Instagram by using Mystalk and the following someone anonymously.

An interface of Mystalk Instagram Viewer.

3.      Picuki

The different types of content like photos, videos, stories, hashtags, stories, location, followers can be downloaded or viewed by using this free platform. Whereas the edit feature is only used in photos; for other content, the edit feature is not available.

Picuki – An online Instagram Viewer.

4.      Yooying

Yooying is the online web viewer which shows the most interesting users and popular hashtags.

Image showing Yooying interface for Instagram Posts Viewing.

5.      Gramhir

This website is another way to explore Instagram content. In this social media application, you can also analyze the Instagram account rate and its popularity.

Gramhir Application Interface for Instagram Posts Viewing and Analyzing.

6.      Pictame

Like other Instagram online viewers, Pictame also provides the feature to browse Instagram posts all over the world anonymously.

Pictame Instagram Online Viewer

Why use Pikdo for Online Instagram Post Viewers?

A lot of Instagram Posts Viewers are available on the internet which is competing with Pikdo but users are still interested to use the Pikdo application due to its easy and attractive interface and free browsing feature.

In this social media application, the users can filter the search results by using the filter function to get the desired outcome.

The complex user-end applications are disliked by the users which are ultimately left by the people that’s why developers are focused to develop easy-to-use applications by providing all necessary features that user demand.

Who can use Pikdo?

This Instagram posts viewer application attracts the people who are interested to check the profiles of other people available on Instagram and want to browse anonymously.

Pikdo has an eye on the people who follow you or view your profile without having an account.

The marketing professionals also use Pikdo to promote their brands. Their promotion activities are posted on Instagram which can be viewed by anyone with the use of Pikdo.

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