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14 Strategic Ways to Improve Your Brand’s YouTube Channel

Even with the introduction of many new video platforms on social media, YouTube is still up there, with over 2 billion people using YouTube as a search engine.

Modern-day start-ups already have established their YouTube channels, and most businesses nowadays have shifted to building their brand on this platform.

If you are a business looking to improve your branding voice on YouTube, then we have listed and explained 15 tips that are backed by researched and have worked well for most brands. Let us dive right in.

Proven Tips for Improving Your YouTube Channel

Some of the ways to leverage the potential of the second most-used search engine are:

1.     Make Your Keyword Strategy Google-Friendly

Understanding what your audience wants is a good start to formulating the best SEO strategy for your business. Google considers video content over other content in search results. To make your keyword strategy Google-friendly, you will need to:

  • Research the keywords of the particular domain your business is in.
  • Analyze the SERPs and check if the top ranks for certain keywords are for video content or written content.
  • Try changing and adding relevant phrases to your keywords, refresh the search, and check on the SERPs.
  • Choose keywords that are suitable for your domain content and that prioritize video content.
  • Optimize all your content around these keywords.

2.     Use Your Video Description Effectively

Extend your keyword strategy to your YouTube video description. Use your targeted keywords in the description and title of your YouTube video. This will make it easier for your audience to find you.

3.     Improve Your Standings in YouTube SERPs With Contact Details

Posting your contact details on your YouTube channel and videos will boost your SEO efforts.

Having your contact information linked on YouTube will make it easier for the audience to find you if they search for you on Google. This will eventually boost your YouTube SERP rankings as well.

4.     Optimize Your Metadata

You can use your metadata to optimize your content’s appearance in the search results. Be honest and have a quality-over-quantity approach in using keywords for YouTube metadata. Lastly, use the right tags and categories for your video uploads.

5.     Add a Call-To-Action

Adding a call-to-action can change the whole approach for your audience. They will know where to go and get the additional push over and above the video content.

A well-placed CTA can even lead to conversions. Ensure that you place it organically in your end cards. You can also use a well-crafted outro for YouTubeto tell your audience what you want them to do.

6.     Interact With Your Subscribers

Your subscribers want to talk to a person, not a brand. Try humanizing the experience for them and make your responses as quick as possible. Talk to them in real-time to solve/address their issues. This will help build their trust in your business.

7.     Host Contests

You can use enticing outro video templates to share lucrative giveaways at the end of your videos. Your audience will also interact with you more and, in turn, get you more eyeballs by posting about them on their profiles.

8.     Promote Your Channel Along With Your Videos

Promoting your channel with individual videos will boost the visual growth of your brand. Conduct a cross-channel promotion and have your subscribers mention and tag your YouTube channel on as many social media platforms as possible.

9.     Post Teasers on Other Social Media Channels

Make sure you have an established presence on social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Maintain a consistent tone for your brand throughout.

You can post short reels of the already-created intros and outros for your YouTube channel. Ensure these short reels are optimized for the platform you are posting them on.

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10. Leverage TikTok for Traffic

TikTok is another video platform that is popular among most audiences. Use this platform to post 15-second videos to attract traffic and send it to your YouTube channel.

The audience that will indulge in your TikTok videos will then divert to your YouTube channel if they find your brand interesting. Make sure you personalize the videos based on the relevant audience base.

11. Bring Influencer Marketing Into the Picture

Influencer marketing can do wonders for your YouTube channel as their already established follower base will gain you new traffic.

You can research the influencers in your field and check out their content on social media channels. Check if their follower base aligns with your target audience.

If you find their voice and aesthetic to be similar to your brand, reach out to them. Then you can collaborate with them for your campaigns and make the most of your new following.

12. Keep an Eye on Your Competition

You need to check your competitor’s YouTube channels every now and then to see if they are doing anything new that their audience likes and try to organically include that in your branding tactics as well.

13. Post Content That’s Relevant to Your Audience

Your retention ratio will only increase if your video is relevant to your audience. If your content generates value for your target audience, they will keep returning for more.

Research your domain and see how your content can generate everyday utility for your audience; tweak your content around this. Discuss industry trends, things to keep in mind before buying, how to use a product, etc.

14. Get Verified on YouTube

Lastly, if you have 100,000 or more subscribers on YouTube, then you can get verified on YouTube. This will make your brand more credible.

Plus, with a subscriber list of 100,000 and higher, your audience’s trust factor in your content will also reflect in your YouTube channel, helping you create a pool of new audience from your potential buyers.


These tips will help you optimize your video content to the needs of your target audience. Further, improving your SEO efforts can bring much-needed traction to your brand. Your target audience will see credibility in your content. This will ensure trust building and help you gain a whole new pool of customers.

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